Ten days ago I arrived in Caerleon for the second time, completing the ‘treasure chest’ walks and the ‘kiss’ in the centre of middle England, the Midland. It was a toughy but it is done and the trophy is ‘in the bag’, the completion was immense which seemed to bring to a head, line up and finish a huge journey in itself. The report on this is to follow just as soon as the ruminations are fully transferred into vaguely comprehensible wordage! 

So to continue this journey and completion of this walk for England this year, it is with a fresh step…..

My 3rd walk of 2012 will take me into the South West of England, at last, having asked God if I would go there during the ‘Bell’ walk and now having completed the ‘Treasure Chest’ walks, the time has come. It is the natural next step to carry on from Lincoln via Caerleon straight on to Cornwall literally following a straight line to the sea.
This walk will take in Newport, Cardiff, Barry Island, perhaps some walking on water, Minehead, Launceston, Lostwithiel, St Austell, past Truro and Penryn to Lizard Point. This is a 5 day walk starting Wednesday 27th June and finishing Sunday 1st July. 

This walk will carry all that has been walked for, and connected up to Caerleon from Whitby via Chester, Lincoln and St Albans….to the South West until we reach the sea. Lizard point is where the line from Lincoln to Caerleon ends up, so there we will go. 
Whilst stepping with the gospel of peace and calling for the identity of the land to be restored this will also create an opportunity for ‘control’ to have yet another route to drain into the sea, emptying from Whitby’s entry point and the ‘roman chesters’ as part of this land reclamation programme. I also believe there will be a flow of going to apologise, to ask for forgiveness from this part of the land where subduing and maligning crushed its spirit and its gentle nature. I see a ‘going to receive rather than to give’ and a humility to bend the knee and say sorry for the systematic bullying. Now the ‘bully’ needs the help of that land to allow the muddy waters of control a way out and that land has every right to curl up in defiance and remember its pain. It will be a sensitive walk.
There will be a call to join all other calls for this part of our land to find its feet again, for England to lower itself to raise up the western edge of these islands above itself which is a true leaders role. It was the very hand of a bishop that I originally saw rise out of Lincoln before I even began these walks that blessed England to lower itself and as the hand touched the land, the mid-land, it pushed the land downwards which naturally caused the South West, Wales, Scotland and Ireland to rise….let it be so.

If you feel a pull towards this walk and would like to be considered for the team then do email me. It is £12 per day to be on the walk (toward fuel for accompanying cars and route maps), the minimum one can join the walk is one whole day and the minimum miles of walk ability is 8 miles(with a break half way) in one day. Believers along the way often kindly and wonderfully accommodate and feed us. Occasional extra costs can be the odd B&B or a pub meal or car insurance, snack attacks or a plethora of compeeds!

My 4th walk will be out of Caerleon once more to continue the line/walk from Chester to Caerleon and carry on to the south coast sea which is a place called ‘Humble Point’ in between Lyme Regis and Seaton on the Devonshire coast. This will be south to the Usk mouth, then a bit of walking on water to Weston Super Mare and past Bridgewater, Taunton, Chard and Axeminster to the coast.This is a 3 day walk, Friday to Sunday, August 3rd – 5th.
My 5th and final walk for this England will be from Caerleon to Selsey on the south coast which is my home and where the ‘Bell’ walk began at Easter 2008. Heading SE out of Caerleon, I will walk thro Bristol, Bath, Trowbridge, over Salisbury Plain and through Stone Henge, inbetween Winchester and Southampton, past Portsmouth and then home. This is a 5 day walk, Wednesday to Sunday,  of September 26th – 30th.
Let me know if you are interested in either of these.

Lastly, at the beginning of June I will complete the last ‘Bell’ walk (Sept 2009) of Maidenhead to Bournemouth that actually finishes at ‘St Albans Head’ on the Isle of Purbeck so I will continue from the Bournemouth Pier to pick up Albans head (it rolled a long, long way!) which only seems fitting considering his inspiration on these walks.

Live loved and love all you stand for.