I picked up the tall wooden box that had been put on the floor in front of me, turned it over and placed it on my mantle piece without even thinking. It took a while to recognise what I had done. The object was an hourglass encased in the most beautifully carved wood and I had set it in motion on the first day of 2008. This sand-timer, this figure of 8 that ushers in a new era had arrived with the words….. ‘It is Time’.
‘It is Time,’ He said, ‘and the download starts now.’

From that point, day after day I would hold two broken halves of an hourglass in my hands; they would move totally independently of each other never coming together as one. The breakage was at the most fragile point that joins the two glass chambers together. So they would rest as two halves, separated on my left and right hands, co-existing, weaving in and out of each other but never reconnecting.

It was half way through this year of  ‘O8 when I encountered the connection of these two halves….
I was holding an immense sphere above my head that was so vast it reached up into space from where I stood. I was fascinated and transfixed by it. I even began to move my arms wondering if I could affect or bend this extraordinary ‘bubble’ above me that seemed to contain space and time.

I became very conscious of my feet planted on this incredible sphere of earth beneath my feet while above I held this other dimension. I hesitated, not daring to realise that I was the connection, connecting these two worlds like the two halves of an hourglass. I completed the shape forming an hourglass or a figure of 8.

As I stood there at the ‘crossing over’ point of two worlds, in the ‘Cross’ that connects what is above to what is below, in the very place where The Cross completed and joined heaven and earth, I knew that this is why intimacy is critical….

He began to pace around me like an empassioned lecturer as I straddled a couple of globes as part of His demonstration. He pointed at me with His stick and waved it up and down ….
‘You are the connection…. the bit in the middle…. and I am down loading through you! I AM on earth through you just like the sand running through the timer from above to below… YOU ARE the channel. When the download is complete, then time will have run out and I will appear, because the only thing left to download… will be my bodily form’
As He was speaking my body voluntarily began to bend in the middle as an axis point, a pivot by which two symetrical shapes become one. The top half of me moved downwards and the sphere held in my hands came with me slowly moving towards the world below me, until they overlapped so fully that the figure of ‘8’ then became a ‘O’…as 2 halves totally became one and ‘O’ was the completion, it was done and time had run out.
There was a saying given me that I offen refer to but only now understood…’Keep your head above the clouds and your feet on the ground but it is the gut that takes the punches’….the place of joining, bending…. pivotal.

Later on that year on the date 08.08.08 especially at 08.08 a.m. and 08.08 p.m. it was a time to acknowledge this new era of our connectivity . It was somewhat amusing to ponder on what an hourglass figure really is!
I had constantly wondered when the broken halves would come together in my hands until I realised the answer is in me.

I still hold them here and there but now they have changed. They look like two blue pearls but I have come to realise what I am seeing are two earths. The mending, connecting and downloading is through Intimacy that learns to simply remain in Him at the Cross-over that brought everything back together that was divided. All the power and all the glory is coming through us….just as long as we remember…. all He needs is our ‘body suit’.

The Hourglass nebula, MyCn 18 (above left) is a young planetary nebula about 8000 light years away from earth!

In conclusion:In2MeC

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