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Walking across the land brings such rewarding revelation, adding to your own journey and unravelling those knotty life issues whilst embracing the life of Jesus in all creation. Sometimes it is a mystery and other times it is staring you in the face. Whether in the seen or unseen realm I have sort to record some of the ‘sight and revelation’ that has come from treading hundreds of miles believing that our ‘Oneness’ with Christ is the connection of heaven on earth.
CLICK on one of the six the headings below to have access to the series of walks that took place at that time and the story that unfolded with each step…..(click on map to enlarge)

2007_0 jp
2008 – 2009 THE BELL 2007_08_09 jp
2010 INSIDE THE BELL2007_10 jp
2011 THE TREASURE CHEST2007_11 jp
2012 THE ‘X’ 

2007_12 jp

2013 ODYSSEYmeander

2014 tbc