His Mane hung down like trestles and from behind them I could see out without being seen. I hugged His leg and hid. Here they came again hurling stones and yelling abuse. They looked like a gang of school boys so angry inside, they did not know what else to do but use violence to offload their utter frustration.

Earlier I had looked up at Him puzzled, ‘But there are those who profess You who make me feel like a dart board, they are so angry with ‘You’ it feels like taking a dagger in the side. Why does it rake my core when You have not done what they wanted?’

He took a sideways look down at me and smiled, 

‘Yes, I am afraid I have not been doing as I was told,’ he said with a wink.
‘You and I are one,’ He continued, ‘I am you and you are Me. We are one and the same and our covenant is Oneness.’
‘If you hate yourself you will hate me also, if they are angry with me they will also be angry with you.
If you imbibe my love, you will love you, them and Me also. Our covenant is literal Oneness.’

So here they were again spitting with anger and their monologue of blame as I peered out at them unseen, shrinking back even further behind His leg.

‘Come out and stand beside me…..let’s face them out!’ … I detected a steely excitement in His voice, but I had better ideas and buried my face in His fur…not today, not at the moment, I could not bear facing that lot.
He relented as if He knew I had no intention of stepping out into full view but still wanted to give me the opportunity or even the thought that it is possible. It was like a rehearsal where He will never push me out from behind the curtain, but the day will come when it will be necessary to step out to stand beside Him… and I knew it.
The bullyboys had run out of steam and retreated. I was relieved the moment had passed,
‘That’s ok for now but at some point you will have to face them, maybe not right now but that time will come…..’ We turned and walked away in a silent understanding that hiding would not always be the answer.