For the joy set before You of getting us back together
Through all that bloodied death Creator embraced its creation.
You apprehended that Pure Joy reuniting us again forever.

This is the bliss
This is the kiss
Nothing comes between us,
Not death, nor life,
Nor angels or demons,
Poverty or riches,
Loss or fulfillment
Beauty or venom,
Atrocity or blessing.

These things only come between us unless I put them down.
No matter how lovely or awful they get in the way.
You are not  found in them,  You are in Yourself.

Just You and me, no more, no less, no lists, no demands, eyes off myself
And on You because You know, You hear every longing, every need.                                                                 You are first and all else will find it’s place. The more I am able to let go,                                                             The more I stand in Your cavernous shoes and exist in the reality of the truth.                                                    I am in my big Mama’s heart and even though I have no clue how, why or when,                                           The answers will come without condition but for now my Creator is more important.

(Picture: Sunset on Lebanese mountains)