Someone walked in the room and I automatically put my hands out to rest on them and pray as they stopped in front of me. There was great need in them as if the oil and honey pouring from my hands was unusual for them and the first relief in a long while.  Drawn and travel worn this person seemed to rattle like the breath of the dying…bone shakers I call them.

I continued to reach out while a heavenly substance ran through my arms and over them. Then for the first time I saw their face. It was skeletal even though they were alive, the head was mostly blackened and skull-like with barely any flesh. Somehow I knew this individual had come in from the fields of toil and labour spending years in the heat of the noon day sun. They looked so burnt I was amazed that such bereftness had managed to reach this point.

Here I was fresh, full and ready to go, although having laid in what felt like a tomb of the shadows for years my release papers had been dispatched. 

It was a bit like the crossing of two paths; one on the way in and one on the way out.

As we connected this burnt person continued to receive the rich touch of heaven and slowly, slowly it began to penetrate into their soul and they gently drifted to the ground and lay down. They were very much alive but their condition was critical, new skin grafts and new flesh needed to be administered immediately. My prayers were simply the coverings in order to prepare this admission for full restoration.

This condition seemed to be the result of a great labour and a punishing schedule, as if the toil was to work out of their system a poison they refused to give in to. I waited beside my visitor now resting. Then the River came, gathered them up and carried them into heavens intensive care. It was a privilege to provide safe passage for such a person, whoever they were.

Now there are others who have been seconded, and this labour of love must continue within a different environment… in the garden…and in cool of the day. Meanwhile the burnt labourer is ‘filling out’ and learning to live with a new body.
Soon, those who laboured in the heat of the day will join with those who labour in the cool of the day and then the ones who are yet to come will rise. Together all three will join forces bringing about the days of the three-in-one and the one-in-three. See WAVES