Water hit my face at I gazed upwards from the base of a massive wall, it was spilling over the top from the other side. On close inspection water was also seeping from small cracks appearing in the wall. I climbed up a hillside to get a better view of what was going on, as I stopped and turned to survey the scene I could see individuals arriving at the base of the wall. They began to repair the wall and attended to every crack smoothing it over and making it as new. However these cracks did not stop appearing but every effort to repair the wall continued with a great sense of achievement wherever the wall was renewed. 

I looked with horror as it was obvious that these builders were completely unaware of what they were up against. There was a reservoir behind the wall that was burgeoning with fullness and the shear weight of water threatened this dam. I began to yell trying to warn them because they were in danger but I was too high up. There were words in large letters written across the wall;
As I watched the repairers seemed to be succeeding in maintaining the dam but then something else happened. A white light appeared to be circling in the sky like a swirl of sun and cloud which grew until it hovered over and covered the water. Drawn to this breathtaking formation my view point was now between the cloud and the water. The light intensified and radiated outward as a ball of white fire flew through this heavenly chute and dive-bombed straight into the water. For a second I saw the image of a ‘Just William’ dressed mischievous school boy curled up in the tightest ball he could manage, full of sheer delight to disturb and bomb such a vast expanse of water.
This white fire ball entered the water and kept going deeper and deeper like a depth charge. Somewhere far below the surface it exploded pushing the water before it like pyroclastic cloud. Instantaneously the surface was lit with dancing blue purple flame as the wall began to hopelessly gave way. This huge reservoir surged forward pouring out with incredible density and force.
Manmade artificial storage contains a river and the heart of heaven is for the river to push over the dam wall!