Creative word

He flew in and landed crouched beside me as if on starters orders. I was surprised by his sudden arrival next to me as I sat on the floor taken up with Jesus.
I turned to him, ‘Hello…what are you doing?’ 
He looked upwards at something and then directly at me saying ‘You must not forget to use the creative word….’
I stared at him in disbelief as if to say what on earth are you talking about….but he continued emphatically,
‘You cannot just have the suffering, the obedience or the wisdom….you cannot just have part of Jesus and not the rest of Him. You cannot just have some of who He is without all of Him. If you receive His Sacrifice and His Suffering, you also have to receive His Sceptre and His Rulership.’ 

‘You have to use the creative word, you must not forget this! It is the same as everything else that comes from Jesus’
I looked up to the space above him and I could see the words being spoken into the atmosphere….

‘Let there be Light…..’

I was so shocked….I knew he was on about the very same creative word… to be used and not negated.

There was definite urgency and insistence in his clear message, ‘You must not forget the creative word,’ and with that delivery he flew off as quick as he had arrived.
Since that moment there have been times when I have called to God do something and I have sensed the One draw a quick breath of frustration and get in my face with a ‘do it yourself!’

So I am learning to quit palming off the responsibility to speak the word of The Word straight to situations, to straighten up my crown and call for change.