A guard is in place to protect something of high value,
So we are met with barking and growling
When we come across that which is hidden.
Hence the barred canines and foaming at the mouth
As a warning to ‘keep out and stay away’.

This give-away clue to where the Wells are
Is a cover up, and the aggression is a sign
Of the wealth of inheritance and our right of way.

It would appear as anything but a well of living water,   

But it is certainly present and there for the taking.


It has only been capped and seconded by a usurper
So as not to be found or re-opened.
This thief fears, lest the truth of who we really are
Should re-connect to original underground giftings.

Even the level of intimidation denotes the importance of the well.

So where we least feel like drinking is a key internally and externally.
We are put off the very activity that opens the Well,
As we encounter emotions or land to be crossed
That causes us to feel ‘unwell’, dispossessed,
And in the crux of our ‘Achilles’ heel…even our breath falters.



But if the worst signifies the best and our weakness, a strength,

If the fear and the threat signifies a ‘Well’ that is ours,
Then there is a bar to propped up and a stool to be rested on
As we begin to draw from the Well behind the intimidation.
No thing separates us from being loved, no snarl or barking.

Heaven has incredibly long straws that bypass guard dogs!
They have no understanding of what is taking place
As we remain and draw on the presence of our divine provider.
All they see are tubular, stripped pipes passing through
Their threatening throng, into the ground and the well they stand on.

*I cannot fight control with control, 

*I cannot shout in the face of being silenced

*I cannot pretend the threat is absent

*I cannot put my fists up and punch it

I cannot avoid the promise of inheritance

*And I cannot be powerless to remove the thief.

But, I can bypass this ‘attention seeker’ who apprehends me in contention.
Amidst the constant barking and growling, I would drink from the well beneath
So that I connect to a finished work and all that has been won for me.
My own strength will not connect me, only my reliance on truth will align me,
The burden is light and the yoke is easy, a vintage truth of pure wine that I must imbibe.