I Am

Your way is so good, so other.
You are upright, I am upside down.
I glimpse and get a flash of You,
You are so good, amazingly good
I am so flawed, so other.

In an instant I’d caught His attention,
His face zoomed into mine

‘I did not make you to know that I Am good’

Stunned and stumped for words, I froze
Leaning back from His invasion.

‘But You Are always good’ said my silence,
I was definitely upside down now.
This was so ‘other’ coming from the upright One,
‘I never made you to know what evil is….

In order for you to know I Am good….’

I slowly came round, if I did not know evil
I would not know ‘good’ in comparison…
You would just be ‘You’
Without the flagellation of the Impostor
Without the backdrop of evil itself.

So then what would I call You?
The ‘I Am’ peered at me waiting,

Waiting for the penny to drop…
It dropped….. ‘YOU just ARE’
….I was awestruck, 
‘You are the ‘I AM’
And…… I just ‘am’ because You ‘Are’