scrambled up the bank, stones flying behind me and ended up on all fours to reach the top with my sign still in hand. Blasted thing was such a weight but I had to have it with me so that I could get him to stop. Nicked from a roadside it had become my companion on the journey a bit like a walking stick except that I was more like the support. This thing towered above me with a red triangle at the top saying the words ‘Give Way’. If it had been from Ireland it would have said ‘Yield’ which would have been even better.
Now I had found the highway I was looking for, this is where the sign was to have its starring role as I dragged it with all my might up on to the road to set it in place. This highway rose out of the land as far as the eye could see, totally distinct from its surroundings. I had heard a rumour about this way but never came across it until I decided to look, now I was here how could I ever have missed it?
So I positioned myself right by the road with my sign beside me facing all on coming traffic and waited. I waited a long, long time until finally I could see a dust cloud in the distance. My heart started to race and with sweaty palms as if going into an exam I clung to my sign. I edged on to the road so that I was in the way and stood boldly with the words ‘Give Way’ above my head. The commotion came nearer and a thundering sound could be heard. It was almost upon me before I could make out a chariot being pulled by horses and just as I was loosing my nerve it pulled to a halt right in front of me.
I felt a bit small and sheepish standing there but the driver had stopped so I sprung into action. Laying down the sign I scuttled over to the now huge chariot and clambered up into it. There he was sitting inside, reins in hand waiting for me to explain what I wanted. I searched his face for impatience or annoyance or surprise but all I could see was a willingness to wait for just a moment. I reached for the document I had carried all this way and unrolled it so that he could see. It was headed ‘Terms and Conditions’ and I told him that I would go with him if he would sign the bottom of the document and handed him a pen. There were statements on that piece of paper that really mattered to me like being able to understand what was going on or being understood by others. I had noted a number of likes and dislikes alongside several necessities and if he could assure me that all these conditions could be met then I would be more than happy to accompany him wherever.
I might as well have put it simply….’Do what I want you to do in the way I expect you to do it.’…but he made no attempt to sign or assure me. I looked at the reins in his hands and it suddenly dawned on me why I had carried the sign all this way. This message was for me to give way, a warning incase I should miss the ride of a lifetime. Here I was audaciously in the way and he had graciously stopped when I am the one that should be yielding. I was suddenly very humbled, he did not need me on board but he obviously did want my company.
I could not believe I had held him up on his own highway. Trampling on my terms that had slipped from my hand I dashed back to the sign and removed it from the road. Then running back to the chariot with my mind repeatedly hammering at me ‘Yield! Yield, yield, yield…for Gods sake yield girl!’ I leapt up on to the passenger seat glad for the ride and the company.