On the surface or deep underground
The excavation has been done and
Little remains in those dug out places.

Two ways, two emphases, two flows split by
Above or below, surface or deep, seen or unseen…..
Word or Spirit, Spirit or Word, Word or Spirit…..

A way with an emphasis on just one of these

Cannot continue and has run out of fuel…

But, there is a NEW WAY yet unexcavated.

INBETWEEN there is an untouched seam
It sits there hidden, undiscovered
By those who stay above or below it.

There is a place inbetween the lines
Called ‘Both And’, that meets in the middle,
Neither up nor down but half way.

Here the untouched seam is to be found,
Where two becomes one without compromise,
Where Spirit and Word fuse seamlessly.

We lose our way to find ‘The Way’
And remain with ‘The Way’ to walk
An untrodden path that is not familiar.

‘One Way’ where we get out of our heads
On the True Head, this is ‘The Way’
To begin excavation of the untouched seam.

This seam is full, all resources lie here,
There is more than enough provision
And we will Rest to get the Rest Done.