Officially dismissed, relieved, replaced and off duty.
I have officially been relieved from the duty of looking to myself,
I have been dismissed from my post and taken off duty.

There is such a pull to believe that our efforts are required,
That without us Jesus would not get His kingdom built.
There is such a temptation to look to ourselves.
That surely, somewhere something in me is the answer
That I should, must and ought be doing something.
You can’t just do nothing and expect something to happen!

As Peter levitated above the churning waves with Jesus
Looking down and back at himself he immediately sank.
There was nothing about himself that kept him in mid-air.
Taken up with Jesus kept him in the realm of impossibility
Where all becomes possible just by staying with the One.
No boat, not distant, looking to where He is, transfixed.

Even then the temptation comes to feed our endeavour
That we must fix our eyes on Jesus and what failures we are at it!
Nay, it is the other way round, it means that we are free.
Free to not look to ourselves, Free to not even take a peek,

Relieved from the duty of looking to self, off the hook.
Happily distracted by who He is rather than what we are not.

Allowed to gaze at Jesus and be taken up with Him,

Without being distracted by the storm below.
Safe to switch off and drink in His presence.

Because the One who permissions the sick to touch His cloak
And feeds thousands from a boys lunchbox is in control.
Heaven rules OK so drink, don’t think don’t sink.