I see Iona, an island on the western edge of Scotland ablaze with the fire of the gospel and sending it out to ignite the mainland.

I see Lindesfarne, an island on the eastern coast of Northumbria drenched in the wine of the gospel and serving the mainland with the intoxicating truth of the cross.

I see Ireland, an island on the western edge alive to Christ with the  fire that lit Iona and Lindesfarne up like beacons as a sign to the ‘mainland’ of its calling.

I see many outposts…. rocky outcrops, cliff edges, islands of islands and peninsulas…surrounding the ‘mainland’ steeped in the history of those ‘one’ with Christ who’s every breath was heaven on earth.

I see it all speaking to this ‘mainland’ originally known as Albion….this island of islands…this landmass in the western corner surrounded by sea…this island on the western edge of an even bigger ‘mainland’.

I see the message bold and clear, ‘As Iona and Lindesfarne were on fire to ignite you, so you are to be the same for Europe and beyond’. This is the job of the Island, to burn with Christ and ignite the ‘Mainland’.

It is time to fulfil your role.