This next walk is coming into focus now being the last of 6 walks to complete the ‘Treasure Chest’ that demarcates middle England as an area with Lincoln, Chester, Caerleon and St Albans as it’s four corners. Having walked the perimeter of this ‘Treasure Chest’, I am now completing the ‘cross’ inside this ‘Chest’ which was firstly Chester to St Albans last September and now will finish with Lincoln to Caerleon.

This ‘X’ shape in the centre of middle England is a massive ‘kiss’ just as Christ kissed all creation back to life with His coming and being the ransom for us all. The ‘cross’ and the place of the ‘kiss’ is where heaven crosses over with earth and in Christ ‘Oneness’ takes place and two becomes One.
If ‘X’ marks the spot where treasure lies and is to be found, recovered and revealed then the lid must come off the ‘Treasure Chest’. Myself with others walked the perimeter with the knowledge that in walking with ‘Oneness and intimacy’ with Jesus that our steps would break the ‘seal’ of this ‘lid’.
What I can see now is that marking out this ‘X’ in the centre indeed marks the spot where the ‘handle’ lies in order to open the ‘lid’. The centre of this ‘X’ is in a hardly visible place called ‘Church End’. I make no assumptions as to what this means or how it unravels but it does appear to me that what is called ‘The Church’ has come to represent something that in many ways is very unlike it’s original conception and the natural manifestation of this in these islands. If we are calling for authenticity for our identity then all that is not authentic will have to die off to make room for the reality of who we are. 
So I will joyfully ‘cross-over’ Church End, knowing that all that is necessary to come to an end is now. This issue is the very ‘handle’ that is going to take the ‘lid’ off all that has been sealed up and buried…..alotta treasure. I believe this treasure is linked all those that have given their lives for the sake of the authentic and indigenous in these islands. Love is the greatest treasure and no greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his friend, the selflessness that marks out the‘cross’ and all those who laid down their lives for it. 
At last the lid is coming off and it is time.

We will kick off out of Lincoln in two weeks time on Weds 2nd May heading SW until we arrive in Caerleon, Newport on Sun 6th May. 
The last day for anyone to join this walk is this Monday 16th April, let me know if you like to be considered for the team.

Exciting days in so many ways, many paths and One journey…..for Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth so help us God.