The walk around London from Maidenhead to Romford from west to east in August 2010 completed a 40 month period of 28 walks since I began walking in Turkey, May 2007

….see Swordmaker of Adana 

Twelve of these walks began with Steve Lowton into the Middle East (Turkey,Syria,Israel,Egypt), Leeds to Cardiff, much of Wales and touching Scotland and Ireland. Also three walks accompanying Paul Wood and Adam Clark from East London (olympic site) to Northampton via the river Lea to Luton.

In Sept 2008 when setting off to walk from Bournemouth to Brighton I was unaware that I was heading into 13 walks of my own where many of you have joined me or connected with me somehow along the way. For this I am SO grateful…. thank you for your company visible or invisible…to be heard is a massive privilege.

Since completing The ‘Bell’ Walk assignment the City of London has become a place I have been given a connection with, as if a small door has opened for me to quietly come and go. So I have felt free to make the most of every opportunity return to that square mile and trip over the God-connections set-up for me. Otherwise, autumn 2010 has been a fallow time and so restful.

However, another shape mapped out by places has been apparent to me throughout 2010. This has stayed with me and after laying it down to wait, it is now clear to me to go with what I see and let it unravel as I step out.. literally .

The shape I see is to the west of the ‘Bell’. It is a rectangle taking in Lincoln, west to Chester (thro Chesterfield), then south to Caerleon (Nr Newport) and finally east to St Albans. Once this is marked out, I will cross over this area diagonally, Chester to St Albans and lastly Lincoln to Caerleon. I believe with this in place and finally pivoting on Caerleon, then the South West will come into view. There is one more place of note in my view box, the line that connects Selsey to Maidenhead to Lincoln carries on North to Whitby. I am anxious to complete that connection as the relationship between Selsey, Whitby and Wilfred is where the ‘Bell’ walk started for me.

In 1997, God laid on my heart places called ‘The Chesters’, the definition of these places was that they were the footholds of control in the nation and would be the places to hold-out the longest before being up-rooted. This walking for me is part of heaven’s strategy to remove the control grid on the land and where it locks in on these ‘Chesters’. I love it when God takes something that has a negative connotation and takes it back for His own meaning. Having carried the issue of ‘The Chesters’ for so long, it was a joy when God interjected with the word ‘Treasure Chest’ (Thank you Paul). So I believe that this rectangle shape is a Treasure Chest, Lincoln and Chester are the hinges, within this area is many of the wells and treasure that is to be revealed.

Into all this activity there is a CONTEXT that I am constantly aware of which helps to place my micro in the macro! I have been living with a 10 yr cycle ….Particularly since the Toronto pour out in 1994….

See ‘Wave‘ for more on this.


(1) Lincoln to Chester : March 24th – 27th

(2) Lincoln to Whitby  : April 29th – May 2nd

(3) Chester to Caerleon : June 9th – 12th

(4) Caerleon to St Albans : July 14th – 17th

(5) Chester to St Albans : Sept 13th – 17th

This is an opportunity to step out of our routine and do something completely different, taking who we are in our everyday and connecting with the land en route, having great conversations with others and walking out the rucks of our lives step by step.

The Whole earth is Full of His Glory and there’s alotta Glory on tha Feet.