There was a flash flood in a stable of a place,
A Torrent poured out at the end of a runway,
Marking arrival and departure,
A beginning and an end in 1994.
A river flows where there was no river bed
And even takes flight around the world
Catalysing flash floods all over the globe.

Like kids we jumped into the river,
We could swim where there had been no water,
A phenomenon that changed the terrain forever.
I began to notice the water level dropping
But carried on trying to float and swim,
Slowly the water ebbed away until I lay in a puddle.

It was more dry than before and there are those
Who despised this occurrence that took place
Saying that it was an error and a waste of time.
When signs come and go there are those
Who are too quick to speak, label then shelve
A commodity that did not fulfil requirements.

The river did not come to stay,
It did not come to remain in external form,
It came to teach us how to be a river.
It came to get us in the river and then
Become the river so that when it is gone
We carry on flowing with the river in us.

There is no more need for the flash flood
The people have become the channel and
The pour out is the flow of those saturated.
Forming a river that cannot be crossed
And courses from the temple to the desert
Into a sea that is dead causing it to swarm with life.