I made my way slowly across the deck holding on for dear life and almost fell down the steps leading into the boat. Everything was about to fall apart and everyone was desperately trying to survive but it looked hopeless.  The waves were just too big.
As I slid down into the darkness I felt my way…sensed my way to find what I was looking for. He was there somewhere, I knew He was as I now crawled slowly across the bottom of the boat. Then I could feel fur and cushions, there He was fast asleep so I snuggled down in the same place and went sleep as well. I knew He would be here, He always is and I have to be with Him otherwise the fear and the fragility life is overwhelming.
He is with me in the storm but that is not where He is and I cannot bear to miss Him.
I would be where He is and stay there until His peace and lightness is in me.
I am because He is, He is the I Am and I am in Him.
I share His rest and His creative word to command the storm to be silent so that the wind runs out of breath and the sea is smooth as glass.