From here on in I know nothing.
If this journey is to proceed
Then this is my way forward…
Vastly lacking in understanding
Laying down my own knowledge
And extricated from my precepts.

I have tethered myself
To The Way, Truth, Life
And this is ALL I know.

I cannot afford to be distracted
By the maze of deception that
Has woven its intricate familiarity
Around every kernel of Truth.
I cannot decipher what to embrace
Or discard, I do not know the way.

All that is required
For me, is to know
The Way, Truth, Life

I know the voice
I know the presence
I know the nudge
I know the prompt
I know the rest
I know the peace
I know the wisdom
I know the stillness
I know my Shepherd….
That is ALL I know… 

Intimacy breaks open the alabaster jar,
Intimacy breaks the old cycles,
Intimacy makes a new way,
Without our help, without our way,
Just The Way, making way for us
The Way we were created in the Original Design.

  5 Responses to “Shepherd”

  1. This continues to impact, continues to ‘haunt’;
    Every time I bitch to God, then see this – I slump my shoulders!…..
    Anyway, Thanks, Katharine, for ‘reading my mail’ –
    then making it all public in this epic called “Shepherd” :o)
    I know it’ll all be ‘worth’ it – but I just wish it wasn’t so crazily long,
    and so debilitating, so dry and deadly desiccating, so …………….

    Now you see why it was so important for you to publish your piece –
    so dried-out shells of people like me could draw encouragement from it
    – thats right, encouragement – from a letter of authority ordering execution,
    from a warrant requesting our death from life as we have known it!


    Gregg ;o)

    • Hey Greg, thanks for all you wrote, it is not all here but was certainly a poetic rant worthy of its own page (it is stored if you want a copy!) 😀 I am glad you can draw water from this in what feels like desert…… huge thanks for your encouragement and your journey.

  2. RANT!!!!!

    And that was on a good day ……. !


    Only kidding; glad you saw it from the perspective it was meant to be from. :o) :o) :o)

  3. this one – ‘Shepherd’ – 9 months after it was published – is still a companion that brings perspective – and encouragement :o)

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