From here on in I know nothing.
If this journey is to proceed
Then this is my way forward…
Vastly lacking in understanding
Laying down my own knowledge
And extricated from my precepts.

I have tethered myself
To The Way, Truth, Life
And this is ALL I know.

I cannot afford to be distracted
By the maze of deception that
Has woven its intricate familiarity
Around every kernel of Truth.
I cannot decipher what to embrace
Or discard, I do not know the way.

All that is required
For me, is to know
The Way, Truth, Life

I know the voice
I know the presence
I know the nudge
I know the prompt
I know the rest
I know the peace
I know the wisdom
I know the stillness
I know my Shepherd….
That is ALL I know… 

Intimacy breaks open the alabaster jar,
Intimacy breaks the old cycles,
Intimacy makes a new way,
Without our help, without our way,
Just The Way, making way for us
The Way we were created in the Original Design.