There is nothing new under the sun,
Only A Creator can create ooooargh!
A pretender can only counterfeit
To twist that which was already made.


All illegitimate claims of ownership
Are feigned, it is only a ‘matter of time’
Before All is to be returned rightfully
To the One from whom All came…mmmm

All territory is to be chartered for Jesus,

What was intended is to be rediscovered,

All treasure is to be found and recovered

Effecting a redistribution of spiritual wealth.

What has been land will be at sea
And at sea will feel like land.
New maps are being drawn up
Leading to what has been hidden.


X marks the spot of The Cross,
The kiss of life out of all death.
Even death is to be celebrated
Where the Creator took on the grave.


So, I dance on my ‘crossed’ bones
Co-died, co-crucified, co-raised
As a complete work that raids religion
And plunders wormridden deathworks


…..shiver me timbers….ooooooarrgh!