I hovered over the landmass staring at red lines interrupting what otherwise looked like smooth skin. These lines criss-crossed one another as they ploughed diagonally from the south across the land. From above it looked like many divisions cutting up the surface and separating areas. As I moved closer I began to realise these red markings were lacerations as if the land’s surface had been lashed with a whip repeatedly. These wounds marked out communities and geography parted by bloody grooves.
As I lowered toward one of the open welts I could see the torn skin and the flesh that was deeply cut like a red raw ravine. I moved closer to the laceration until the walls of the exposed flesh were on either side. On entering this living gorge it seemed there could be no natural healing process that would ever mend so great a wound. I peered down into the cut, it was dark and hard to see. Lowered still into the crux of this red ravine I watched, waiting. At first I heard laughter and giggling coming towards me. As I focused on the deepest part, and there was the tiniest amount of water trickling slowly through the wound like the beginnings of a stream.
This slither of silver water was actually laughing! It continued to flow through the entire wound and then began to increase welling up gurgling and bubbling still full of laughter. The level of silver water rose up the walls of the wound flooding this fleshy ravine.
Below the surface of the giggling water the laceration was healing and the flesh was coming together.
Once this process was fully in motion the healing accelerated with such speed where upon the walls of open flesh literally snapped back together swallowing up all wounding and watery joy. The skin sealed up without a trace of weald or scar and was like new.
Consecutively, the lacerations across the land were healed up and red lines disappeared one by one until there were none. The surface looked completely clear like pure skin with no blemish or division.
The healing is greater than the wound which is why it laughs with pure joy, carrying a complete work that has already been finished.