Walking through a heavily populated wood I joined a wonderful crowd that had converged. They just seemed to keep arriving and I mingled freely as if I knew them, elated at this exquisite rapport.
We weaved in and out laughing, sighing, embracing …. moving like a dance. 
The elation was harmony ….so caught up with the music that you forget yourself and become part of the song. I was threading amongst this rich and beautiful set graciously meeting and greeting, totally unperturbed that they all looked like trees. 
As I moved I gradually began to notice someone else also with me. As my awareness grew, I slowly came to a standstill with a distinct feeling that they were directly behind me.  A green hue in the periphery of my vision caused me to turn my head as far as I could to see who my ‘backer’ was. My ear and cheek rested against smooth, cool bark… I was stood with my back to the hugest of trees. The more I moved the more I realised its constant presence was attached to me and committed to my every move.

So, conscious of this delightful companionship I continued to be part of the throng.  ‘Backed up’ by this huge Tree, its fullness began to radiated through me and the richest of atmospheres to pour out from me. The more consumed I became with this communion the more I grew taller rapidly gaining height. Having risen to an equal height, my back was then absorbed by my ‘Backer’ and enfolded into this ‘Living Tree’. Melded together even my arms were part branch as I became one entity with it.

I stood looking outwards considering all that was taking place and the truth dawned on me. This was ‘The Garden’ and I was back in the original design of ‘Oneness’ with the Life Giver, the One from whom all life flows. The One who placed His back to a hewn cross, a tree of unthinkable death and turned it into another tree of Life, a doorway straight to Eden Regained.

I choose the Tree of Life and relinquish knowledge of good and evil, I revert to plan A. 

One with the ‘Tree of Life’, a river began to pour from my middle and flowed out into the land ahead of me. From thence I walked forward following the river marking out the land, keeping my back to The Tree at all times.

That day it rained and rained from the moment I stepped out of my front door heading for St Albans 100 miles away. For twenty miles every rut or dip became awash with water, river-lets rushing down the roads sides, flooding the way through with pools instead of paths. I had named this the ‘River of Life’ walk and that is what it was.