What if deposits are on the move?
From places where God history
Has been established for centuries.
Places where a touch of heaven
Was renowned and for so long now,
There has been something to be
Recaptured that belonged to that location.


What if deposits are on the move?
The gifting that has been resident there,
Disappearing back into the ground.
As if swallowed back up by its root,
It shoots out  a runner moving rapidly
underneath the surface to a new location.


What if deposits are on the move?
To pop up somewhere completely
Different where nothing of the like
Has ever been seen before.
Appearing in strange places
That have been in reserve until now….

Places kept, so that what breaks through the surface
Belongs to what happened before but is entirely new.
So new that it may not even be recognised as the same root.
‘Things never happen the same way twice, dear one...’
The source of this DNA is tired of limited expectations
The created cry ‘I just want to me’… ‘So DO I’ replies Creator.