Through dense woods, strands of spider web gossamer threads
Lay across my face and arms, trailing behind like invisible garments.
Lichen dressed trees, the livery of nature’s footmen stand in waiting
Beside green velvet, moss cushioned stones strewn by winter thaws.


The water has ceased to gush down the mountain side
Leaving hewn trails littered with the sacrificed cast offs.
Loose stones carpeting the escape route, left in mid transit
Await the next torrent to continue their descending journey.


The lake below glitters with morning light dancing in rapid steps
On each ripple, riding rings of displaced water laboriously
Making their way to the edge. This giant puddle, nestled by
Towering parental rocks, like strong overseers with folded arms.


Already the ‘daring’ are making the most of warm updrafts
As the land releases its cosy sighs from a restful dewy night.
They leap, gadget-clad to paraglide the slowest decent,
Would be eagles needing to rise on nearside upward winds.


The steep incline conjures heady tumbling thoughts of lost footing,
Just one false step of conceited nonchalance would be enough.
Perhaps even falling…yet already fallen. A ‘fallen’ person falling yet
I have fallen as far as is possible and been caught by everlasting arms.


I still keep falling into those arms, letting go to be caught,
Falling only to be lifted, falling in love over and over, falling for You.
Falling is the story of my life, and mastering the ability of hope
In the lifter of my head, my warm current up the side of the mountain.