bridgeThe Bridge….

If 2012 was a completion year to mark the passing of ‘what has gone before’
Then it was akin to a long, long walk finally reaching the end of the road.
2012 was the final few steps, the home stretch to arrive at the end of a journey  
And the format of ‘what has been’ comes to a conclusion, a final full stop.
bridge5old churchSo 2013 had to be a step on and a walking away from all ‘that was’
Towards a whole new ‘way of being’. This in-between year was an Odyssey,
The 13 was an unpredictable convolution that crossed us over from Old to New,
2013 was a Bridge from beginning to end delivering us from 2012 and to 2014.
CIMG1582Now there is distance to ‘what is behind’ and ‘what is in front’ arrests our senses.
There is no looking back, reverting or returning to the way we came, it is past.
 Where it was necessary for ‘the Old’ to be accommodated even in its declining state
It has been curtailed in the last moment in order to fulfil the closure of that chapter.
Stepping off the bridge into 2014 is a whole new world of beginnings,
A clear expanse as far as the eye can see of spacious, untrodden virgin soil
Where all is possible before us, the ‘old’ is done and the ‘new’ beckons our feet.
From now on ‘What is ahead’ will shape our present and what ‘is to come’ will inhabit our every step. 
end bridgefuture