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Having walked the ‘bell’ outline in pink which is the original shape I saw in April 2008 whilst celebrating a celtic easter date on the shores of where I live. I will now walk the rest of the lines on this map that are  iInside_bell_diag jpnside this ‘bell’ shape. There are blue lines that look a bit like a house rising from the south coast and joining as a canopy over London. This is where the lines from Lincoln continue through Maidenhead and Romford to the South coast hitting Selsey (my home) and Bexhill. This ‘canopy/house’ shape was traced for me on the map by a hand whilst I spent time with Jesus which caused me sheer delight.

So… firstly this will comprise 2 walks as 2 halves of the one shape;

Walk 1: Selsey to St Albans via Maidenhead: February 25th-28th 2010

Walk 2: St Albans to Bexhill via Romford: March 25th-28th 2010

The ‘canopy’ outline of blue represents the river of life.

The ‘bell’ outline of pink has come to represent all that is divided in us that should be one, two becoming one. A simple depiction of this is that red and white come together in pink; Red rose and white rose, the English logos of civil war…representing something divided against itself.

Returning to the map above there is a line through the centre of the pink bell and the blue canopy that is purple. This purple comes about by overlaying the blue and pink. This is the ultimate where two become one…that is heaven and earth…. The river of life and creation….. Where the divides in us are healed and realising there is no divide between us and the source of life. Two become One.

This axis of symmetry in purple through the centre is from Brighton up to Lincoln via St Albans. There is something of the wildness of God’s heart and a liberation of Who He is to come forth in Brighton. This is to be walked back up through the would be religious high places of St Albans and Lincoln and obviously cutting right through London.

This will comprise two more walks;

Walk 3 is Brighton to St Albans on May 13th – 16th 2010

Walk 4 is St Albans to Lincoln on June 21st to 25th 2010

June 25th is a date that has been highlighted in the last 2 years when connecting with Lincoln so this will be the third year of keeping this date with that place.

Lastly on the map is a gold line around the southern half of London in the shape of a bowl. This represents a convex lens through which a light is shone from Lincoln and then displays across the SE. This walk from Maidenhead to Romford via Cobham will be the culmination of these  ‘Bell’ walks. All these lines will be literally marked out on the land and in place for whatever God wants to do.

Walk 5 is Maidenhead to Romford via Cobham, July 30th to Aug 1st 2010

I am persuaded that all needs to be in place by September.

I am really excited about this next stage of walks. I was not sure what God would want next until He stood in front of me and drew with His finger on the map outlining the ‘canopy’ shape.

I take a team with me on these walks who love, long or want to spend some quality time with Jesus. This way of prayer is not forced labour. We ARE the walking request, yearning and sacrifice lived out thus far. Our hearts resonate through feet to draw all that has gone before into a new walk of intimacy with the King. Yes it can be hard work at times but we don’t go looking for something to do but be with Him. Walking with Jesus draws the offence soon enough!

You do not have to be a prolific walker but all prolific stalkers of Jesus are welcome. We take each morning to let Jesus intoxicate us with His presence before hitting the road to somehow put one foot in front of the other. Thanks for reading all this, just seeking to follow the finger of God and remain in the overwhelming joy apprehended by Jesus that rocks our world….hurray for the rock of ages!