Brighton to St Albans

May 13th to 16th, 2010

A few weeks later we walked out of Brighton on the third year anniversary of my first ‘walking’ encounter in Turkey when I connected with Steve Lowton’s walk from Rome to Jerusalem. I have walked hundreds of miles since that collision with the ‘east’, buried martyr blood, thieves and an ancestral legacy.

At last, we were to walk along the axis of symmetry, the centre line of the ‘Bell’ and the ‘canopy’ shape that have been marked out. With the left side to the left of us and the right to the right us, our feet literally walking left, right and the nation in a political position of deciding whether two parties can work together, the timing seemed unbelievable. I could not have planned it better myself!

For me, this ‘two becoming one’ pivots on Creator/creation and mushrooms from that point where I see on every level a strategy of the ‘Impostor’ to divide and conquer, if you would like this explained more then see

It seemed significant that the Brighton Pavilion constituency had just made history voting in a ‘Green’ party candidate. The Pavilion looks like an Indian palace and is crammed with Chinese influence so this was my first port of call for that which is east to come west.

We flowed out of Brighton with such ease which set the president for the whole walk, I have never known such ease on a walk. The way was opened up before us like ink spreading through blotting paper….I waited for the sky to fall on my head…but it didn’t! We had difficult logistics but no unseen cudgels taking a swipe to confuse us. The two previous walks were particularly hard and we had walked it out into this amazing ease. Brighton is the place of the alternative, where people go to be themselves, a counter-flow of non-conformity and I believe God will breakout here in a way that has not been seen before. This is the flow that we walk with from the coast to the religious high places of St Albans and Lincoln, calling for room to be made for God to be God with all limitations and controls off.

At the same time, we were conscious of a pulling together of the left and right physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in ourselves where balance must come in us and the geography, as we spent time with Jesus and allowing him to pour through us. The rest and peace that inhabits this ‘left and right’ coming together is delightful.

We passed through beautiful countryside before we came to Crawley, Gatwick, Epsom, Ewell and into London’s westside. Richmond was the most unrestful place we walked through. Once in Chiswick we paused at the front door of my Armenian family home, the final destination as a result of genocide, a Diaspora from Istanbul and Adana in Turkey.

As in the East End last year, we wandered from area to area, a collection of villages with their own identities that have been hoarded to create a ‘Greater London’. It makes me wonder at the level of insecurity and need to bolster itself at the heart of London. However our focus was St Albans and further still Lincoln to bring this ‘unruly child’ into order. Thankfully our passage was open and peaceful, even being on time for Wembleys FA cup kick off!

This was to be my fourth visit to St Albans. Until now my way in and connection with this place has been aligned with Alban’s selfless love that lay its life down for its friend. A Jesus love and martyrdom that is a deep well which one can reach down to, to steady oneself from the pollution that rests on top of such truths as a cover-up job. The walk rested in St Albans earlier in the year at which it kicked and lashed out with its masonic ‘head’ as a refusal to receive our mandate. This time my hope was for a way in to begin to form a positive relationship…if possible…I have an incurable preference to be liked!

I am no friend of roman roads, we are at odds to each other however the final 7 miles up the Watling Street to St Albans put wings on my feet which is a ‘first’. As I turned the corner to enter the town, the monument with it’s namesake inscribed stood in front of me. Underneath the words ‘St Albans’ was the name of my home ‘Ardmore’ which is gaelic for ‘Highest High’. It was the best welcome I could have hoped for! At the top of Holywell Hill we stood again between ‘Lambs Alley’ and ‘The Bell’ pub still being refurbished. This is our drinking hole! John the Baptist came to prep the way and so do we, once more we drilled down into this well like a corkscrew looking for wine and oil and there we left a work in progress until next time. My hope is for a opening on our return there, before we head for Lincoln.

My absolute gratitude to our hosts, Dave, Jane and Leanne in Brighton, Val and Charlotte in Forest Row, Jason and Dawn in Ewell and Sarah in Wheathampstead. It is so good to rest with believers along the way.

The walkers, Phil, Mags, Jacquie, Juliet, Linda, Sarah, Annie and Jason, you are all fab and bring so much to the journey.